The Hidden Smile of God

“Thus we must learn to ‘live upon God that is invisible,’ not only because God is superior to sinful pleasures, but also because He is superior to sacred ones as well.” pg 43

“The estimate of how many Christians are martyred each year surpasses all ability to weep as we ought.” pg 45

“Nothing glorifies God more than maintaining our stability and joy when we lose everything but God.” pg 46

“Those of us who are older have come to see that the events of thesoul are probably the most importabt events in life.” pg 85

“Neither helath nor holiness are had by escape from perishing people. The path of love, no matter how dirty or dangerous, is the path to wholeness and heaven.” pg 115

“What is dark to God’s children – objectively and subjectively – is not dark to God.” pg 117

“If you have no ability for faith in the love of God for you, make no more such great pretences to have such a certainty of faith in your damnation.” pg 119

“The problem is not a battle between contemporary worship music and hymns; the problem is that there aren’t enough martyrs during the week. If no soldiers are perishing, what you want on Sunday is Bob Hope and some pretty girls, not the army chaplain and a surgeon.” pg 167

“What they need is a kind of joyful earnestness that makes the broken heart feel hopeful and helps the ones who are drunk with trifles sober up for greater joys.” pg 167

“Let go of what holds you back from full and radical service – be ready to suffer for finishing the Great Commission.” pg 170


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  1. Sharen Rose P. Lumogdang
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 01:14:28

    i want to read the book of the hidden smile of God and know what is his hidden smile and why it is hidden, but i don’t have enough expense to buy the book.


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