Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

“Job had discovered with many of you that it is small comfort to focus on the freedom of Satan to destroy.  In academic classroom and in the apologetics discussion, the agency of Satna in our suffering may lift a little the burden of God’s sovereignty for some; but for others, like Job, there is more security and more relief and more hope and more support and more glorious truth in despising Satan’s hateful hand and looking straight past him to God for the cause and for his mercy.”  Pg 23

“Open theists are trying to let God off the hook for evil.  But God doesn’t want to be left off the hook.”  Pg 47

Regarding Revelation 5:9-12:  “We can conclude that the centerpiece of worship in heaven for all eternity will be the display of the glory of the grace of God in the slaughtered Lamb… The greatest suffering in history will be at the center of our worship and our wonder forever and ever…. Everything else is subordinate to this plan.  Everything else is put in place for the sake of this plan: the display of the greatness of the glory of the grace of God in the suffering of the Beloved is the goal of the creation and the goal of all history.” Pg 85

“Savor the riches that you have in Christ and spend yourself no matter the cost to spread your riches to this desperate world.”  Pg 89

“The suffering of the servants of God, borne with faith and even praise, is a shattering experience to apathetic saints whose lives are empty in the midst of countless comforts.”    Pg 97

“What obedience will not achieve, persecution will…  The lesson here is not just that God is sovereign and turns setbacks into triumphs.  The lesson is that comfort and ease and affluence and prosperity and safety and freedom often cause a tremendous inertia in the church.  The very things that we think would produce personnel and energy and creative investment of time and money for the missionary cause instead produce the exact opposite: weakness, apathy, lethargy, self-centeredness, and preoccupation with security.”  Pg 101

“You know what it’s like when you make sin your own.  You housebreak it.  You domesticate it.  You shield it from the Spirit’s scrutiny.  I did not want to let go of the sick, strange comfort of my own misery.”  Pg 193

“We will all die, if Jesus postpones His return.  Not to think about what it will be like to leave thislife and meet God is folly.  Ecclesiastes 7:2 says, “It is better to go to the house of mourning [a funeral] than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart.”  How can you lay it to heart if you won’t think about it?  Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”  Numbering your days means thinking about how few there are and that they will end.  How will you get a heart of wisdom if you refuse to think about this?  What a waste, if we do not think about death.”  Pg 210

“Let the presence of eternity make the sins of time look as futile as they really are.”  Pg 215

“The reason that such horrors exist in the physical realm and the moral realm is to display the outrage of sin.  The outrage of sin against the holy God… To turn your back on the living Creator God and prefer an aplle to Him is the ultimate outrage.  It is infinately outrageous.  It deserves infinite punishment.”  Pg 232

“We don’t get upset about our sinning.  We only get upset about the hurt.  How many of you lose sleep -well, some of you are good saints and you do – over your own fallenness?”  Pg 233



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  1. Steve Grove
    May 08, 2008 @ 14:30:29

    “We only get upset about the hurt.”

    How true that is! And I have read blogs that redifine God because they can’t get past the hurt. They feel righteous in swearing because tof the frustration, even; and God still calls us to holiness, to be perfect as He is perfect. Thank God for Romans 8!


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