Listening to the Beliefs

Of Emerging Churches.

“Any gospel that does emanate from ar that accommodates pagan culture is a false gospel with demonic inspiration.”  Driscoll, Pg 33

“Jesus does not need a marketing firm or a makeover as much as a prophet to preach the horror of the cross unashamedly.” Driscoll, Pg 33

“Therefore, a new theology does not need to emerge, but rather a renewed faith in and passion for the timeless truths of Scripture that empower us to live like Jesus for the benefit of other people.”  Driscoll Pg. 35

“I understand that the ‘Read the Bible and get the meaning’ approach is part of Mark’s own personal history of faith, but that does not give it credibility as a theological system.”  Pagitt Pg 44

“I affirm no other Savior than Jesus Christ, yet at the same time, I feel no needto know with certainty the final destination of those of other faiths who either have no knowledge of Christ or who do not accept the Christian claims of the atonement.”  Ward, Pg 46

“And do we notput the emphasis on the wrong place when we begin with focusing on Scripture, especially in this way which seems to put the impetus on Scripture as teh revealer?”  Pagitt Pg 76

“Even though I wish I could, I can’t dismiss the passages that mention hell, judgement, and eternity.  It tears my gut and heart apart to think of hell as a reality.  It’s a mystery beyond my understanding.”  Kimball, Pg 102

“As a pastor he has rightly learned that there are primary issues that we must hold in a closed hand, and secondary issues that we must hold inan open hand.  While Dan’spoint is wise and good, my fear is that many emerging-type Christians do not have a sufficient love for Scripture, or knowledge of church history, to wisely discern which issues belong in each hand.”  Driscoll, Pg 106

“Dan holds to an authority in the Bible that I believe is better placed in the Holy Spirit.”  Pagitt, Pg 112 

“I hold that a reading of history ought to instruct us to create ways of thought that are useful but temporary.  Complex understandings meant for all people, in all places, for all times, are simply not possible.  Language, situation, specific issues, and people’s own preferences and insecurity all are involved in any belief system.  There is no way to make a statement of substative belief wihout these kinds of issues being at play.  So one must make adjustments, even if that are slight, in order to remain faithful.”  Pagitt, Pg 137

“If we hold that people are either right or wrong in their beliefs, and leave no place for faithfulness being understood as one being as right as one could be in their day, then we find ourselves standing above and not alongside those who have come before us (or are of a differing opinion near or far from us).  We would have to declare there are simple those who are right, in full alignment with the “truth,” and that all others are to be condemned.  I am thankful this is not the case for our engagement with those of our histroy, or those in our current day.”  Pagitt, Pg 138

“Our understanding of humanity will shape our understanding of spirituality.” Pagitt, Pg 139

“Einstein’s theory of relativity may show that theology suggesting God as “wholly other” than creation may be based on an antiquated metaphysical notion.” Pagitt, Pg 140

“The idea that there is a necessary distincion of matter from spirit, or creation from creator, is being reconsicered.”  Pagitt, Pg 142

“If both doctrine and practice are constant, the result is dead orthodoxy, which Pagitt is reacting against.  If both doctrine and practice are constantly changing, the result is living heresy, which Pagitt is contending for.  But if doctrine is constant and practice is constantly changing, the result is living orthoddoxy, which I propose is the faithful third way.”  Driscoll, Pg 147

“God ‘speaks to each of us as He makes us’ says a killer poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, which I take to mean that God speaks to us out of our own culture and the stuff of our own lives, no less so than God speaks to us in the canon of Holy Scripture”  Ward, Pg 162

“The God stories in Scripture are sometimes literal, and sometimes not, but they are always true, that is, truly able to move us to faith by the workings of the Holy Spirit.”  Ward, Pg 168

“At this point the goal is not for the church to give answers, but to honor the seekers by listening to their questions and heraing their stories”  Ward, Pg 173

“Baptism is not the end, but the beginning of life in Christ for new apostles and for all Christians.”  Ward, Pg 174

“We do not possess truth or seek to correct the truths of others, but we seek to live faithfully in light of the truth of God in Jesus Christ.”  Ward, Pg 179


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