An update

I know SO many of you are thinking of my Mom – you have no idea how much her spirits have been lifted, encouraged and strengthened by your prayers and meals and flowers and cards… What a blessing to be brought low, and yet made to realize just how very treasured you are – by the Lord, and by others.

Mom went to her follow up appointment this morning.  Mixed results are in.  Which incidentally means so are mixed reactions.

God is good.  God is good whether news is good or bad.  We praise Him in all of this, for His wisdom and timing and protection.  My Mom got diagnosed only 2 months after my dad retired.  There was need for Dad to find time off.  No wondering how they were going to juggle things.  There are so many things about Mom’s situation that been unusual – to the believer – we just call it providential.  The tumors are so small they had to be found with a microscope during the post surgery biopsy – they knew cancer was there – but it was hard to find.  God in His mercy allowed doctors to catch everything so very early.

Today’s news.

Mom actually had 2 types of cancer (but nothing in the lymph nodes – praise God!)  One form of cancer was in the uterus; and was also in the cervix and the lining, and a different more aggressive type was found in the fallopian tubes.  This latter cancer was unexpected news.  The concern is that this cancer may have spread to other areas in her abdomen, or could still (not sure how that works, I just report what I’m told as best I am able) The likelihood of it spreading is only 20% – but man alive, 1 in 5 is certainly enough to worry about.  Because there are simply too many places to check to see if it HAS spread, mom will have precautionary chemotherapy.

Sigh.  I know we have had a short journey, only 2.5 months – but I think the collective breath we were holding was for good news today.  Like I said – mixed blessings.  The doctor did not give the news he was expecting to deliver, but we are so very thankful for modern day medicine and treatments, and the stage this was caught at. Mom will have 18 weeks of chemo, starting soon.  She will go to Sarnia every three weeks until here treatments are up.  The emphasis is on precautionary – if the cancer has spread already, they are unaware of it… The anticipated outcome is sick for six months, and Lord willing healthy for decades to follow.

Summary – they believe they have caught all the cancer, but because of the risk involved in the one form having potentially spread unknowingly, there will be follow up treatment…

We still covet prayers.  God has been so faithful, and knowing that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we trust in His mercy, kindness and goodness to His children.  If you want to know how to pray: Mom is a goer, and a doer, and crams so very much into a day – the Lord has slowed her down considerably for a season.  Pray that she can rejoice in a time of refreshment, renewal and refocus.  Pray that she remains healthy for her treatment, that she won’t feel too sick throughout it, and that she doesn’t feel too discouraged by it.  Pray for Dad as he continues to care for her – it’s a role reversal in their home, and I don’t think it’s ever easy to see your favourite person suffering.  And pray that we are ALL changed by this – that the brevity of life becomes tangible, the important things become more obvious, and that we seek to live our lives to the glory of the Father who so graciously gave it to us.


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  1. Stacey
    May 03, 2011 @ 14:23:39

    Definitly keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Please keep me updated.


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