An open letter to my mom.

He could not have chosen someone better suited to this task mom.  I do not think that is a normal first response.  But, as the thoughts swirl in my head, I can not help but recognize that He makes us no promises, or guarantees of health.  He does not say His ways are our ways, or that His timing will always feel right to us.  I have no doubts that God’s Word is truth when He says “that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”  And this is, of course, suffering.  If the prognosis this past Tuesday had been the absolute best possible, it would still be suffering – there are still tests, and surgeries, and waiting, and unknowns.  But again – you have told me you are not asking “why me?” but “why not me?”

If we believe, as we do, that our purpose, especially as believers, is to glorify God – by our faith in Him, by our joy in Him, then I know that in all of these tests that we have on the horizon, the good Lord really could not have chosen someone better to radiate His hope, and peace and Spirit.


I love you Mom.  I think of all the countless loads of laundry you never complained about, the crepes you made for breakfast, the lavish dinners you cooked (always from scratch) when we had company.  I think of shopping trips where you refused to buy socks for yourself, because the budget had only enough room for them or the shirt I wanted.  I think of flannelgraph stories, and Bible songs at bedtime, and of the twenty hours a week you used to put into every Bible study.  I think of you praying at 5:30 every morning for your family.  I reflect on coffee in bed until the day I moved out of the house… You have a servant’s heart, a thirst for knowledge, and a gift for hospitality.  You love with the ferocity of a mother bear.  Your life is a passion – and you put more heart, and emotion, and care and fire into it than anyone I know.  You have set an example to me of what being a mother ought to look like.  And what being a wife ought to look like.

Your relationship with dad is like something out of the movies, or fairy tales.  Not because you never fight, not because you always agree – but because you are still crazy in love after thirty years.  Because you are one another’s best friend.  Because enjoying one another and preferring one another over the company of anyone else simply has not changed in three decades… You two have something remarkable together – and being raised with such an example is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

We would be lying if we said these days aren’t going to be hard.  We pray for the best.  I will not even say I’m “praying for a miracle” – because I don’t see the Lord bringing you through this as being anything above and beyond “normal” – I pray that He would be delighted to let His light shine through you and your testimony for many many years.  I am trusting Him for it.  I am not a fatalistic calvinist either – to be sure – He will do what He will do.  But, prayer changes things.  I know how precious they are to you right now.  People don’t know what to do – I say pray.  Because we know that the Lord hears, and answers….


I see you… on the list of unmentioned names in Hebrews 11 – one “of whom the world was (is) not worthy.”  Those who have suffered, and yet shine His glory.  Oh Mom – it’s not going to be easy – but I rejoice in the thought of how greatly He is going to be magnified in all of this.  The world simply is not worthy of you.  It’s not.  To say that I have been blessed to have one of the most incredible, strong, beautiful and remarkable women for a mother is an understatement.  You enrich the lives of those you touch – beyond what you are ever aware…  I rejoice in the hardships that are coming.  I rejoice in the opportunities to be real with one another – to draw closer to Him, and closer to those around us.  Life IS bittersweet – I want the sweet from it – for as we contemplate the absolute brevity of life there comes a freedom.  Our tongues are a little loosened.  We hug more, and cry more… We show those around us just how much we care for them.  And how much we trust our Lord and Saviour.

Regardless of what the coming days bring us – better news, worse news, good days, bad days – I am encouraged, strengthened and blessed by your attitude.  I love the example you are setting Mom – an example I knew you would set when hard days came.  I thank you, for the woman you are.  Soli Deo Gloria.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Angela
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 12:39:03

    Beautifully said, Nicole. My prayers are lifted up, before Him, to grant you and your family the strength that will be needed in the days ahead. ❤


  2. D.B. Denney
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 13:54:52

    Nic, I met your mother for only a brief period of time and yet she’s still ingrained in my mind as an image of “Proverbs 31” proportions. I’m in agreement with you and your family’s prayers.


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