Group hug.

“Leave her alone.  Why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing to Me…. She has done what she could.”  Mark 14:6,8

We have been going through the book of Mark in church, and yesterday was on the passage where Mary anoints Christ with a really, really expensive bottle of perfume.  But what jumped out at me was the part where Jesus said she had done what she could.  It made me pause and reflect….

I think we get caught up sometimes in the idea that things have to be big, and complicated and over the top to really express ourselves.  Or to show love.  But they don’t… Jesus looks at our hearts, and sees when we have done what we can.

Children understand this better than we do.  I listened to the sweetest ongoing conversation the last few days.  The kids understood the significance of Brad starting a new job this morning.  And they have been planning in their little hearts to show him they love him and are excited about it.  Their plan?  A perfectly co-ordinated group hug when he leaves Monday morning for work.  They have been talking about it since last Thursday.  Who would hug first, where they might stand…. It was adorable.  Like, grips me in the heart good.  Because they wanted to do what they could, with what they had.  Which, when you are 5,6 and 8, may not be much.  And it was the perfect hug.

I love it.  They didn’t pause to think if it reflected enough what their hearts felt.  They didn’t wonder if Brad would think it too small, or too cheap, or too simple.  In fact, it’s the enthusiasm in the simplicity that makes it so perfect.

I have a lot to learn from them.  From Mary.  It is better to make use of what you have, and rejoice in sharing the littlest things in life, than to search for the bigger, more grandiose thank yous all the time.  God sees my heart, and delights in the small gifts too…

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