I love Thanksgiving… I love fall – it always strikes me as a season of memory and reflection.  I have an incredible amount to be thankful for this year.  It has been a truly blessed year.  God is good.  In no particular order:

1.  My sister is expecting.  God makes all things beautiful in His time, and I am so eager to meet baby Esser in January.

2.  Brad starts his new job a week from Monday.  He is such a hard worker, and I am eager to see him in a job he can flourish in.

3.  Freedom and Liberty.  I can not wait to take my ever-expanding business into a serious direction with letterpress.  It’s a slow going start – there is SO much to learn, but it’s so cool to have these presses in my home…  I’m thankful for a husband that is so insanely supportive of me and my endeavors.

4. Verity Ink.  SO much more than I expected this “part time job” to be.  I love what I do.  Even if there’s more to do than I thought there would be so early on.  I am most blessed by the friendships I have formed.  I love my clients.  And the vendors that have become friends…  I never anticipated building so many positive relationships.  I don’t think I knew it was possible…

5.  My marriage.  I love the wedding industry.  It’s easy to enjoy because I married my best friend ten and a half years ago… I hope the girls I help plan with can enjoy the connection, devotion, fulfillment and soul-satisfying contentment I have with my better half.  Brad, you are an incredible man.  I thank God for the man He has chosen to bless my life with.

6.  My children.  Judah-Bear, Chaos and Spark-Plug.  I prayed for active children.  I know the Lord smiles. I have never met three livelier more fun children in my life.  They bring joy and smiles and craziness to my life.

7.  Family.  How good to be home in Sarnia, where we can enjoy parents and siblings.  What a blessing for my children too…

8.  Wednesday mornings.  The BEST group of friends a girl could ever want.  Tears and hugs and food and laughs every week.  God has knit us together for a lifetime – we all know we have something special, and I treasure every one of you.

9.  Life Lessons.  I’ve grown a lot this year.  I don’t know how much others see…. I’ve learned it’s okay to state what I want.  It’s okay to speak my heart.  Hugs are good. People just might actually like me for who I am.  I whine too much.  “Trust” is not a swear word.  It will all get done.  I don’t have to think a thing to death every time.

10.  Being used.  I’ve had those instances in my last year where God has allowed me to meet needs… It’s a humbling experience that I delight in…

11. Life.  My Dad told me a few weeks back that I have the chance to be in the 1%.  I asked which percent is that?  He said the one that will be blessed enough to be happy in both this life and the next… The things that stick with me for years are things my dad said… “You’ve chosen your love.  Now love your choice.”  “Complexity is not a virtue.” and this too.  I feel deliciously spoiled.  And joyful.  My life is a gift from above.  May I always recognize that….

12.  Salvation.  Is there anything to be more thankful for?  That God would send His Son, to save a sinner such as me.  How humbling.  Oh, that I might live in the light of this truth daily!  My life ought to be lived in the shadow of the cross – with an eye on His suffering, His forgiveness, His glory….


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