Still Here

To all my faithful readers… I’m still here.

Life took an interesting turn, when I started my own business on March seventh – check out

If I could sum up this last season, besides being busy, it has been spiritually dry. In an effort to get my business up and running, I have managed to neglect a great many things that also matter a great deal to me, like being more available to friends in my life, and blogging. Truth be told, there has not been much to blog about, I have been self absorbed, intentionally, and amazed at the slow fade that stems from there. I have let others know I am taking “time for me” and it honestly is not the best strategy. Thank God for good friends, like S.N. who call up and say “are you okay? really okay? we aren’t connecting spiritually right now, why is that?” A most gentle wake up call.


I am surprised, ever surprised, at how much people are hurting. And how many different ways they find to deal with it. I am not naive, or sheltered, at least I don’t think so any more, but I wish we were all just a little more aware of how many people are in silent agonies so much of the time.

I hope to be on here more. I suspect the twenty views a day I still get has everything to do with my postings on The Shack (I say suspect, but I know – I see that over 3000 people have clicked on my little blog only to view my Shack quotes). That people would be inclined to see the God of the Bible, more than any man contrived version, is my desire.


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  1. krislinatin
    May 14, 2009 @ 11:34:58

    Hi!! Nicole.
    sounds like my life right now. love this post.
    People are in agony all the time. and even in my agony i find more people like me. So much to bring to God, thank Him He can handle it!


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