“Unkindly has He kindly shown me… God.”

Someone close to me suffered great loss this week.  In an attempt to explain themselves to others on facebook, they changed their profile to “When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say ‘It is well, it is well with my soul.”

Your faith, your hope, your unwavering trust in His goodness is a bittersweet, rich, testimony to the rest of us.  Your heart in grief has a wonderful effect on us.  Your willingness to say “If my pain can be of some good to another…” makes me more desirous than ever to be like you.  I marvel at the sure foundation He has laid in your young heart, and know that He is near to you.

I am sorry for your pain.  Not that I would second guess His mercy in it, or His purposes for it.  If it were up to me, I would suffer it for you.  You are walking a road I am blazingly unfamiliar with.  I lament, at times like this, the ease of my own life.  Not that I would seek pain, but that I would seek to be a better comfort for you.

You are deeply loved, and deeply treasured.  I would say I am proud of you, but I think to do so without caution would be to negate the wonderful workings of God in your midst.  I know that you would seek nothing but to glorify Him in your loss, and for that I truly rejoice. 

“I know
You’d like to think that there’s a foe
That hurts and God who heals. and that
Would not be wrong; but I have sat
And pondered months in pain to see
If that is true — if misery
Is Satan’s work, and happiness
Is God’s. Jemimah, we must bless
The Lord for all that’s good and bad….
Behold the light of candle four:
What we have lost God will restore
When he is finished with his art,
The silent worship of our heart.
When God creates a humble hush,
And makes Leviathan his brush,
It won’t be long until the rod
Becomes the tender kiss of God.”


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  1. Amber
    Oct 31, 2008 @ 13:33:06

    My friend Bonnie lost her newborn son on October 10 and played Jars of Clay’s version of “It Is Well With My Soul” at the funeral, and we sang it accapella at the grave side. All I can say is – what PEACE the old hymns can bring to our soul when we use them to draw near to the Lord. I didn’t enjoy them for the longest time and I have no idea why. The familiar words seemed to come over us like a wave and we could really feel the Lord there with us, mourning with us, but sovereign over us. I will never forget the peace that song brought.


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