still here

Brad is on vacation. Which means I do not get to the computer a whole lot. Which is why I have not been blogging. Just one more reason I am looking forward to next week – I am CRAVING consistency, and a schedule, at this point….

When my Mom tucked my kids in to bed at night on Wednesday, she asked the boys what they would like to pray about. Levi requested that “no more people die” and has since prayed himself that “no one in his family would die”. He seems to think if Brad and I go, he’ll need new parents. Which, according to a four year old, might not be so bad because then he can “do whatever I want to”. Rebellion is inbred in us, is it not?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lwayswright
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 13:45:10

    I think my kids want new parents on a daily basis…they are teenagers!


  2. Laurel Esser
    Sep 02, 2008 @ 10:52:11

    I dunno, I think playing “Torpedo” falls into the category of “whatever I want to do”


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