This I know.

I was watching “America’s Got Talent” last night. Not my favorite show – but things are a little crazy in life right now, and I was happy to veg… Which is an aside, I suppose. The point is – they were narrowing things down to the top 40 acts. And so many of the ones that got cut, you wanted to stay in, because you liked the person, or their story…. I wanted the 71 year old singer to make it. I wanted the guy who just came back from fighting to make it. I wanted the 17 year old kid who twirls batons but always got made fun of to make it…. These people have been hurt, alot, and you feel for them….

It struck me though. How deeply, painfully, so many go through life. I know too many people who open up to me – whose hearts are broken, or breaking, or going to break. So very many who have aches and pains we do not see. And it really struck me. It is ALL of us. I am guarding my heart of late. I do not open up easily to begin with – and certainly not to those who are too hurt to help carry my own burdens. But, as I struggle at times to find those who can pause to listen – I realise there is no one who does not already grieve that I can share with.

It is an opening for the Gospel. For, God alone can make sense of the grief. God alone can heal broken hearts. Many of those who Have suffered, that I know, have also overcome remarkable things. Things that would break many of us. It is by His grace, and by His mercy.

I trust that, despite my own pains, or what-have-yous, that people know my door is always open. My heart is always open to listen. I do not know how else to help. I do not know how to better show that I DO care. I want to carry your burdens. I want to feel your pains, and cry your tears. I want to be a shoulder to cry on… May God be glorified in our desire to be a blessing to one another….

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  1. {{strong.girl
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 21:56:20

    “Shared joy is doubled joy, and shared sorrow is half sorrow.”

    I think that’s an old Chinese proverb.

    I know we don’t share a lot, but I’m here for you too Nikk. I’d like to open up to each other more…


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