I’m pretty sure all my smarter, pastor budies can add to this (or make my point moot quite quickly), but I read this morning that the word “confess” in the original greek comes from the words homo and logos – which in this case can be taken to mean “like” and “word”… The whole point being that to confess something is to give it a like-word as the original being intended.

So, to confess my sin, I need to call it what God calls it. Leaving the store in the middle of the winter with a free can of carpet cleaner, however unintentional, really is still stealing. It does not matter that I was cold, my kids were sick, I was late and did not have time to go back. That “I’m fine” I tell my hubby too often really is a lie. Snapping at my kids when I have a headache is still being impatient and unkind. Confess. Call it what God calls it.

And, confess Jesus is Lord. Call Him who God calls Him. He is everything the Word portrays Him to be, and nothing of our own design. We must, be the very definition of it, think of Him as the Bible presents Him.

I find so many ways around this word confession… My husband sees right through my excuses 🙂 how much more does the Lord. I allow myself the liberty to not really examine my own motives, so I am not responsible for what is in my heart (that’s layers for ya). Like maybe the Lord will let me off the hook for something if I just deny even having a conscience about it… Sounds pretty sinful, on paper….

I’m tired. I’m not sure if this blog will make a whole lot of sense…..


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  1. Robert B.
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 23:36:34

    Nicole, you forgot it also means acknowledge.


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