Who, besides Jesus, are you most excited to meet in heaven?

I can’t wait to chat with C.S. Lewis. And Peter.

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  1. Rick
    Jun 25, 2008 @ 09:12:55

    I’ll avoid the theological concerns and go with the “spirit” of the question.

    For me, I’m typically driven by what’s most recent more than what’s most important, etc.. So my answer would be that I look forward to chatting with my internet friend Jonathan Brink. I presume we will finally have sufficient time to connect.



  2. Jenn
    Jun 25, 2008 @ 10:00:45

    We lost our first baby to a miscarriage. Looking forward to getting to hold our first little one. 🙂


  3. raquelamisto
    Jun 25, 2008 @ 10:19:25

    I’d like to tell Paul a thing or two… but I don’t spose that’s what you meant?


  4. Nicole
    Jun 25, 2008 @ 11:29:21

    alright Rick – I am sufficiently baited. What do you see as the “theological concerns”? I did not come up with the question on my own (I’m pretty sure an Arminian did 🙂 ) but I still find the concept intriguing….


  5. clearly
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 01:06:44

    this may sound prideful, but i think that heaven is a time for rejoicing..so, i want to meet anyone who heard the gospel from my mouth

    also, i have some questions for Paul concerning the things that even Peter believes to be hard to understand…


  6. Nicole
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 06:34:07

    I understand what you mean by the first one Dave – the Lord calls us to sow sometimes, and not reap – and you want to know what happened to those seeds – trusting that He did save people you never met again…..


  7. Rick
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 07:53:51

    Nicole – I prefer the spirit of the question because (1) I do not understand all of the theology and (2) it just feels better. But since you asked …

    – will we know each other?
    – will we care about our questions/comments in light of His glory?
    – will knowledge (i.e., the lack of it) pass away? … and what would that look like?
    – what activity will be happening “there” (e.g., will we only sing worship songs)?
    … and so on … so nothing really brainy but I know people who really focus on this stuff …


  8. Daniel
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 10:00:27

    Let’s see. Peter, Daniel, my grandpa, Lewis, Tolkien, People I’ve me throughout life who I have lost contact with (specifically the church I grew up in: FMBC Porterville, CA.)


  9. Nicole
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 21:41:17

    I think about the verses in Revelation – where Christ is exalted and praised and magnified for being the Lamb that was slain from before the foundations of the world. The centrality of His glory will be in the most gruesome, incomprehensible act in all of history. And, I think that there will be, for us, a worship of Him precisely because we one day realise all we were saved from, and not that we will glorify Him with no sense of what went on here. I think there will be perfection, and peace, but I think too we will finally understand the true cost of it.

    I do not think that answers any of your questions. Suffice it to say – I do not see us worshipping in spite of our present sinful experiences, but because of them.


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