A Vision.

I was at a Bible study this morning, and one of the women offered a beautiful vision she received from the Lord… She was referring to those times when the clouds seem to open up, and the sun shines through, and you sense the glory of the Lord. She told God she wanted to see what was behind those clouds. And this is what He revealed to her.

A set of stairs, covered in gold, with Christ seated on a throne at the top. At the bottom, so very many people hunched over. And she asked the Lord what she ought to do, and He commanded her to go help them. So she went down, and as she got closer, she noticed that every person had a cross on their back – a burden to bear. The first woman’s burden was babies – the children she has aborted. And so, my friend bent down, and picked up the edge of the cross, and helped carry that cross all the way up the stairs, to the feet of her Savior. And Jesus touched the woman and said “You are free.” The cross, the burden, fell off this woman, and she went and stood behind Jesus. And down my friend went again.

This time a little boy. She knew not what his burden was, but she picked him up, and carried him to Jesus. He said “You are free.” And his cross fell off his back. And back down my friend goes. The woman she encounters next is covered in sores. My friend cringes, but finally touches the woman, and helps her carry her burden to the Lord, the Great Physician. And to her He also says “You are free.” And so she is.

The last time in the vision, though there are still many people walking with burdens, a man stands before her. His cross is murder. And rape. And, the cross is too heavy for my friend alone to help. Another man comes alongside her, and together they help this man up the long flight of stairs, to the foot of the throne. And to even this man Christ says “You are free.” At which point the vision fades…..


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