who doesn’t want their own angel??

A good friend of mine has been looking into Todd Bentley recently – his activities impact people she knows more than it influences those that I talk to. But, I figured I would do a brief youtube look on him. Nothing I have not really seen before – some odd mix of New Age and Emeril – yelling “Bam!” – only instead of Bamming for toothpaste it’s about filling people with the (a) spirit…. But it got me thinking….

Todd has met angels, with names. And, it’s an unusual connection, I know – but I was thinking about the tv show Brad and I just watched, regarding some relics that were taken from the temple in Jerusalem in 71AD. Things like the silver trumpets, and a special table. The hosts of the show suggested that the Roman army would have brought these items back to their own place of worship, as signs of conquering Jerusalem. Interestingly – they normally brought back idols of the gods of the nations they captured, but Isreal had no idols. (Commandment number two)

The connection in my mind? How foolish we are. We want these substitute connections to God. Sometimes it is relics. Sometimes it is trying to connect with our angel. Or, thinking that visions of Jesus with long flowing hair is more beneficial than reading about Him in the Bible. Or, it’s gothic architecture. Or worship music, designed to play with our emotions. I think that bottom line – we really just do not know our God, or seek to know Him, and look for fuzzy substitutions, to comfort us with the thought that we know Him. It is just so much easier.

Would you rather? Would you rather see an angel than pray? Would you rather see a vision than read the Bible? Would you rather sing a hymn in a beautiful gothic cathedral, than read a psalm on your couch?


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  1. beijaflor77
    May 18, 2008 @ 13:55:02

    I stumbled across your blog a while ago, Nicole, and have enjoyed it immensely, but this post was too much of a “God moment” for me to read and not leave a comment. I was in the midst of doing my own research on Todd Bentley, and even listening to a podcast of his (one that is cringeworthy), when I decided to check out your blog and read this post—funny how it seems we’re on the same page!

    I agree that Todd’s preoccupation with angels is deeply disturbing. There are other preachers out there as well, who are as preoccupied as he is. One—I can’t remember his name—even endorsed getting to know one’s own personal angel. Now, who knows whether God has assigned personal angels to each of us or not, but whether He has or not, I believe we tread very dangerous territory in trying to “contact” them, and establish a relationship with them. In doing so, we open ourselves up to demonic activity, and totally take our eyes off of Jesus, Who is the only One we should ever have our eyes on in the first place.

    I believe some Christians do have genuine experiences with angels, but the experience with the angels is never the focal point—-the focal point is always Jesus, and the angels are merely “accessories,” as it were.

    I was humbled and convicted too, about what you said about wanting “fuzzy substitutions” for God, because I often find myself wanting those “fuzzy substitutions.” I think God can definitely meet us in a beautiful cathedral, or in a vision, but we should never desire these experiences for the sake of the experience alone. We should simpy seek Him with our whole hearts, and whether He speaks to us out in nature, in a grand cathedral, in a vision, or in His still small voice as we sit on our couch, we should appreciate and revel in each revelation of Himself that He gives to us.


  2. susan
    May 21, 2008 @ 06:46:41

    hey great post dear.

    i haven’t visited in a bit, but i am so glad i did. 🙂 i love reading your perspective on things because you truly seek to put Jesus first. no fuzzy substitutions.

    This prophetic movement definitely screams ‘experience and/instead of Jesus’, when we need to be satisfied with Jesus alone. As soon as the focus is on something plus Jesus, it is an idol, is it not? anyway. ramblings.

    love you friend.


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