All done sinning?

This is a thought I have been mulling around in my head for a while now – culminating with an article on my MSN homepage a few weeks ago.  I did not actually read the article – but I know I can google the contents with some success.  The idea is that infidelity is a chemical imbalance.  Seriously?

It is like a friend pointed out – you don’t drink too much, you are an alcoholic.  You are not responsible for murder, you have a mental problem.  You didn’t commit adultery, you were chemically imbalanced towards an affair.  We soften the language of sin, and masquarade it as something sort-of beyond our control – it really is a predisposition we have towards something socially unacceptable, that we can not really fight.

Not so from God’s point of view.  I am reading through Ezekial and in chapter 23 the Lord uses the word “whore” 16 times.  Not counting all the mentions of lust, idolatry, adultery, lewdness, and nakedness.  It is a really intense and uncomfortable chapter.  Not the sort of thing you will ever hear read from the pulpit.

But, the point of it was that Isreal had turned away from God, and whored herself after other nations.  The people of God are the Bride of Christ – and any time they are seeking their joy elsewhere, they are commiting adultery.  Heavy charges, are they not?  Ezekial repeatedly quotes the Lord saying “and you shall know that I am the Lord God.”  But, it is not in the context of love – but of wrath.  And jealousy.  (see 23:25) 

Shame on us, for making light of our iniquities, and His holiness.  For not acknowledging that every idolic thought, every propensity to delight in pleasures contrary to His nature, to seek our joy in that which does not satisfy is really us just prostituting ourselves to money and sex and video games and football and food and, and, and…. 

How great is our God!  How great and awesome – in a terribly holy awesome sense – He must be!  “you shall know that I am the LORD; I have poured out My wrath upon you.”  (22:v22)  “On account of your unclean lewdness, because I would have cleansed you and you were not cleansed from your uncleanness, you shall not be cleansed anymore till I have satisfied My fury upon you.  I am the Lord, I have spoken; it shall come to pass; I will do it.  I will not go back; I will not spare; I will not relent; according to your ways and your deeds you will be judged, declares the Lord GOD.”  (24v13,14)

Oh!  That I might be judged according to the work of His Son on the cross, and not according to my iniquity! That I might stand before His throne, covered in the precious blood of my Savior, and not in my own merit!  For, I have none.  I have played the whore – many times…. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. krislinatin
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 15:20:20

    Amen! good post


  2. Steve Grove
    May 08, 2008 @ 14:22:59

    The saddest thing in the world, I think, is a person professing a relationship with Jesus, but without the power.

    James says that sin comes from our own desires pulled out of proportion. We can’t blame god, nor even the devil. In Psalm 51 David says it is he who has sinned before God. The clearer picture of God we have, of who we are before Him, the clearer the picture of us being sinners, and the greater view of His grace…


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