worship and sacrifice.

I listened to another Driscoll message last night.  This particular one was done a while back, and was on idolatry.  I get that.  I mean, I have thought before in the past that idols are not just wooden gods people bow down to, but they can be any sort of thing.  And, they are those things we make sacrifices to.

So, I got to thinking – what do I make sacrifices to?  And what am I sacrificing?  And, what do these decisions reveal about who I really am, and what I really love? 

Some of my idols/sacrifices:

  • Halo – sacrificing my marriage and time
  • internet – sacrificing my family and time
  • motorcycle – sacrificing my time, safety perhaps (at the very least, reading at home is not so risky 🙂
  • food – sacrificing my health for chocolate and coffees
  • books – sacrificing money that should go on to debt
  • “me time” – sacrificing my children, and my relationship with them
  • football – sacrificing sunday afternoons, and money
  • Tim Hortons – sacrificing money and my health

And of course, the obvious is, all of it is sacrificing time with God, worshipping Him.  Honestly, so often I think of devotional times as that thing you squeeze into the day.  And prayer as something you do when you “find the time”.  But, we really make time for the things that we think will please us most.  For a thrill, for a fleeting pleasure. 

Luther was so right, when he said the opposite of worshipping God is not sin, its idolatry.  For, if we are not worshipping Him, we are worshipping something else – be it a video game, a tv show, a favorite hobby, a family member….  sad really – to exchange that Infinite goodness offered us, for such feeble pleasures. 

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  1. susan
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 10:11:42

    i recently listened to that same (i think) message, it is a gooder. especially since it gets to the nitty gritty. (as mark always seems to) it is sad how many things i make time for and you got it completely right when you said we ‘squeeze’ devo’s into our day , or pray when i ‘find the time’. that is definitely what i am guilty of. and hoping for change! 🙂

    love you friend.


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