Be a missionary everyday…

I had a really insightful conversation with my Mom the other day.  It was a brief bunny-trail that is sticking with me…. But she asked me what percentage of the NT I thought was focused on telling believers how to relate to the unbeliever, and what percentage might focus on relating to one another.  Her guess is 90% church, 10% world.  Interesting. 

Passages like Ephesians 4:1-17 come to mind.  And, the idea that the Lord told us to go into the world, and make Disciples.  Not converts.  Or, that Paul, in 1 Corinthians 9 says that those who spread the gospel for a living ought to get paid for it.  As though, we are all to eat, and drink and do everything to the glory of God – but not all of those moments are evangelistic in nature.

And – they will know us by our love for one another.  Do you love your brother in Christ?  Your sister?  I think we are complicating matters – when we think we have to actually witness to be a witness.  Our witness is our love and care for one another.  And this is SO lacking.

I am, by no means, suggesting we do not talk about God to the unsaved.  Or that we do not share our hearts with them, or pray for them.  But, I am learning that it is easier and easier to share my God, when I am having a natural conversation about what is going on in my life.  I am finding myself less and less ashamed.  To tell a stranger I can’t drop a catalogue off, because I am about to have a Bible study in my home.  To use the word “blessed” instead of “lucky”…. To let those around me know I am doing what I am doing, out of a love for my Savior.

But – it Starts with a love for God.  And, a Biblical mandate to lift other believers up.  If you are a Christian, then you have at least one spiritual gift.  Are you using it?  It’s hard to find ways to sometimes, isn’t it?  But, I think rather than taking these giant leaps into the lives of unbelievers, we need to meet one another’s needs first.  Be mutually edified. 

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  1. Laurel Esser
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 10:41:03

    I love that! And what you do to take care of each other doesn’t end at the emmdiate person your effecting. The other week when I was sick I had 3 people bring me food and I was telling everyone at work how great it was that friends and family cooked for me and they couldn’t beleive it! When we take care of each other it is a great witness to the rest of the world.


  2. Laurel Esser
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 10:42:27

    tee hee your title made that old kids song pop into my head…

    “be a missionary every day..da da da da
    tell the world that Jesus is the way…
    the Lord is soon returning
    something something something
    so be a missionary everyday da da da da.”



  3. Nicole
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 11:51:05

    that was the song in my head when I wrote this blog…

    Thanks for the encouraging post Lo!


  4. William
    Mar 30, 2008 @ 12:18:02

    As the old saint said “At every opportunity preach the gospel. If necessary use words.”


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