Your treasure and your heart….

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Matthew 6:21

Did Jesus say this backwords? 

I guess I always think I need to get my heart right, and then my body will pursue the right things too, but that is not what Christ is saying.  He is, in fact saying that if I store up for myself treasure on earth, my heart will follow.  And, if I store up for myself treasure in heaven, my heart will follow…

Solomon is a good example of storing up treasure on earth.  He was blessed with more wisdom than any other man – and in his last years he still managed to leave the one true God – because he loved many women, and fell for their gods.  But maybe my immediate understanding is not that he chased after the world’s goods, and his heart followed; I have thought of this sort of thing more as the heart leading, and the life followed.  But Jesus says this the other way around…. Solomon’s heart followed – because he treasured the women of this world.

I think the idea of my heart following my treasure ties in closely with denying myself daily.  Because, it is so easy to treasure the delights and goodness of this life; of accepting less than treasuring the things of the next world… I treasure my projector, my camera, my friends.  I treasure my children, my perfume bottles, my jewellry.  I treasure my ever expanding library, and my motorcycle rides.  I treasure the internet, and shopping.  I treasure cheesecake, and pumpkin bars.  I treasure my husband, my sister, my brother….  But do I treasure Christ?

Do I treasure Him, and eternity, more than these?  Do I treasure solitude and prayer, more than RockBand?  Do I truly treasure my Bible, as the Word – as the only thing that will not pass away?  Do I treasure the love of my Savior?  I am Beloved of God – do I treasure that?  Do I pour my heart and soul out, that others may taste and see the goodness of my God?

Where is my treasure?  Where is my heart?


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