His timing

I was listening to Chuck Swindoll on my way into town this morning – and he was preaching on Mary and Joseph – how she would have only been thirteen or so…  About the revelation she received, that sort of thing.

But, what stood out to me in this retelling, was the fact that God did not send Gabriel to Mary and Joseph at the same time.  Or even the same day.  Mary knew, before she was even pregnant, that she was going to have this baby.  Then she takes off to Elizabeth’s house for three months.

When Joseph finally finds out (through the grape vine?  Through looking at Mary when she came home from Elizabeth’s?) he gets it in his head that divorce is a good idea.  For whatever reason, he either doesn’t know where this baby is coming from, or does not believe Mary.  Until the angel shows up….  And then the plan changes – they get married, and he becomes the step-dad to God in the flesh…

It got me thinking though – how sometimes I sense this direction my life is taking is the right one – a God-honoring one, and other people are not always on board.  They do not see it, or they do not trust it, or it interrupts the regular plans of life – what ever the case may be.  And I wonder, at those moments, why I feel like I may be the only one who senses this direction in my life.  Mary and Joseph’s situation is a refreshing reminder to me – that just because other people do not see or understand the road I feel called to be on, does not mean God is not deeply desirous for me to be where I am.  I can confidently follow Him, and trust Him to open the eyes of others, in His timing – that they may understand…..  But He does not send out group memos every time.  His timing is not my timing.


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  1. Raquel
    Jan 23, 2008 @ 15:10:30



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