Seven Weird Things about me…. (only seven?)

I’ve been slapped with a tag from Raquel.  Here goes –

The rules are as follows:
Simply link to the person who tagged you. SHARE SEVEN WEIRD things about yourself. Tag SEVEN bloggers to do the same AND include a link to their blog. Let each person know that they have been tagged and finally post the rules on your blog.

1.  I believe in premonitions. Not sure where I think they come from – certainly for some, they are of the devil – hoping that is not the case for me… Don’t think I will ever have the answer to that this side of heaven….  It’s always dumb stuff – like “knowing” where something is that went missing, that I didn’t lose – or “knowing” the sex of a baby still in a mommy’s belly (this doesn’t work if you are forcing things) – or having nightmares the same nights as my mom or sister – just weird stuff like that.  Wish they were more useful.

2.  Sometimes I resent being a woman.  (Is that a sin, to wish you were something other than who God made you to be?)  Boys can get sleeves done, without looking butch.  Boys can tell one another off, and no one sheds a tear.  Boys can hang out, and Halo, and be fun.  Boys are not excluded from meetings because their opinions are too strong.  Boys don’t take things personal….

3.  I LOVE alot of painful experiences in life – getting tattooed, labor and especially delivery, even waxing…. 

4.  I can not read a nonfiction book without a pen in hand.  There is nothing worse than wanting to find a quote in a book later, and having no clue where it is.  Also like to make notes in the margin.

5.  I have TMJ.  This is only on the list right now, because of the wicked headache I am currently experiencing.  My dentist says it is the worst case he’s ever seen – and he has been taking care of my hubby, and his family since Brad was younger than my kids are now.  Kinda makes me nervous…

6.  I get a huge amount of satisfaction putting together my kids toys/opening their boxes.  I feel like I am making up for all the times my dad wouldn’t let me put things together – because I might put the sticker on crooked.  Of course I understand (now 🙂  why it was like that growing up – but I still didn’t like it. 

7.  I love tv dinners.  Seriously.  The stuff that tastes like cardboard – swanson meals you heat for three minutes in the microwave…  mmm turkey and that apple crumbly stuff…..

And now I tag… Susan, Laurel and Dave  (what can I say – small blog world for me – I could tag other people, but they would think I was crazy, since I don’t actually know them)


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