Question #4

I have a few friends lately, who have been talking about their spiritual battles, or even their daily battles, that they know are spiritual.

So, tell me, what are your thoughts on Spiritual warfare?  Do you think on this often?  Do you get “heebie-geebies”, or premonitions?  Do you know when an attack is from Satan, and not just flesh and blood?


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  1. Laurel Esser
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 09:48:26

    Just a few quick thoughts, I really don’t think that in the society that we live in, that we take spiritual warfare very seriously at all. We’ll blame our sins or distractions or lack of faith etc on anything but Satan himself. As if to talk about a real battle with a demon would almost be a little to voodoo or something. There are so many fears with talking about spiritual battle that I think it often gets pushed under the carpet, especially when it comes to spiritual warfare in the Church. The very idea that Satan may be trying to cause problems seams lost to everyone. Then there are people like Martin Luther, who had no worries about telling someone, even friends, that the words they were saying were from the Devil. Even on the subject of the freedom of the will he states, “it was the work of Satan to say there could be no final answer to such an important question as the freedom of the will.” But we live in a land of tolerance where we tolerate Satan along with everything else and rarely see the battles going on around us for what they really are. I suppose those are the surface things, the distractions, and wether indirectly or directly I think it is all part of our daily spiritual struggle. So this is just a round about way of saying I don’t think I think on it enough, or attribute enough of the things in my life as warfare and so I let them slide. And I think the more God is working in your life, the more you’ll be able to see what’s going on around you for what it is.

    To sort of answer the second part, and think there are definitely times where you KNOW it’s a direct attack. For anyone who’s had a demonic dream and also has nightmares you know the difference without a shred of doubt. Fear is a powerful motivator to not get close to God. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve stopped praying or closed my Bible because I just wanted to be left alone. For anyone who is swayed by fear, you know when you’re trying to fight…and you know when God is working in your life, and when He gives you the grace to win. A little less specific, have you ever had those amazing quiet times where you feel so close to God and you think, “yes, this is the direction that I want to go” and then 2 minutes later you start yelling at your husband for something totally unreasonable, or someone calls and your really short with them on the phone, or you do out and do something really stupid and it’s like, “where is this coming from, things were so amazing when I was locked in my room with no distractions”, I think those are moments of obvious spiritual warfare, when you start heading in the right direction and you step out and get hit with a million things.

    I guess the thing that helps you through a lot of those times is James, “consider it all joy my brothers when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” And to remember what were fighting against, and who’s on our side.


  2. raquelamisto
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 11:13:36

    yes. sometimes. 😉

    I know fo sho that there are particular times when I know what’s ahead and sometimes I shy off and some times I roll up my sleeves (after praying for my family and home) and get to it.

    But I agree with Laurel in that it’s all about the relationship with Christ. The better He and I are doing, the more aware of spiritual matters I am… or maybe this is when the enemy tries to attack – because we’re actually doing what we’re supposed to be doing (communing with God) and the enemy no likey.


  3. Nicole
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 19:08:25

    Such wisdom.

    Laurel, you were raised in the same environment I was – and I think it is to our shame that we do not dwell so often as we did in our formative years on the battle around us….

    I remember picturing angels at the foot of my bed – and all you got out of those imageries (sp?) was an angel judo-chopping some witch.

    When this revival season started in my life, I felt SO under attack – Satan was really promoting the “it won’t be worth it.” But I fought through it…. Kinda going through another bout of things – and I know it is precisely because of spiritual warfare talk… But that’s better than indifference, is it not?


  4. susan
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 07:05:35

    hmmm. spiritual warfare : yes.
    think of it often: not as often as i should….
    heebie geebies: no… i don’t think so.
    satan vs. flesh: like most are saying, this one is more obvious when i am walking rightly with God.


  5. susan
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 07:08:43

    i find this comes up much more now that i am a parent.

    especially during nights of bad dreams (that the kids have) or days when it seems that behaviors are unruly without end…… if i am in good communion with my Lord, then i remember to stop and pray. otherwise the opportunity to trust in GOd during an attack passes me by.


  6. whiteman0o0
    Jan 14, 2008 @ 10:09:41

    Hey Nicole, I just found you’re page on Mr. Doubting Thomas’, looks like a good page with some good thoughts behind it. As far as the question of this post. Yes i do believe that we engage in spiritual warfare every day. While it may not be something that catches our attention it could be something as small as, ignoring that guy on the street that we see who needs some help with something. I am not about to assert that I get it right all the time, as a matter of fact I dont get it right far more often that I get it right, But I always try to keep a scripture in mind for those days that it just seems hard to do right. I would like to conclude by saying, Dont focus entirely on the Spiritual aspect of the xian life, remmember that Jesus said to love the Father with all your heart, soul, and MIND. Dont forget that last one or you find yourself being tossed about with every wind of doctrine, and the teachers that so easily defile them. !)avid


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