Peter Peter Peter

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing Peter – and how much we both love him – I think because we both relate.  The man was so all or nothing!  He was jumping out of boats and sinking – he understood who Christ was, but was also strongly rebuked by Jesus, who said “get behind me Satan”

So I was thinking about his thrice denial of Christ – his God is being delivered up, and he lacks the courage to say he is a follower.  And the second he is done denying Christ, that rooster crows.  And devastation hits Peter.  “He went out and wept bitterly”  (Matt 26:75)

I have been there…. Those stupid decisions I regret the moment I have finished making them – words that I can not take back, purchases I should not have made, just Stuff that I knew better than to do.  And regret and devastation always hits the moment after.  It is how Satan wins so many battles, is it not?  Live in the very moment, forget how much it is going to hurt in five minutes, or two minutes….

Fast forward in Peter’s life – this is what really struck me yesterday.  “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?….. Simon, son of John, do you love Me?  Simon, son of John, do you love Me?”  (John 21:15-17)  And Peter is grieved, because Jesus asked him a third time. 

It is backwards, isn’t it, from what we hear today?  I think we expect Christ to thrice say “Simon, I love you, feed My sheep.”  But He does not.  He actually causes grief to Peter – but He makes a point.  And Peter is stronger for it.  His love for Christ is what will motivate him to live fearless for Him, and to ultimately die for Him.  Historically speaking, we know that Peter considered himself unworthy to die the same death as his Saviour, and so he hung upside down on a cross.  Worth, in suffering?  He actually knew the love of his God at his death, by the manner in which he died.  It is not Christ’s love for Peter that caused him to be the rock of the early church, it was Peter’s love of Christ.  Don’t get me wrong!  I know we love Him because He first loved us – but may we be mindful that love for Him will compel us to act, and to serve, and to suffer if we must.

May we be so bold, and so in love with our Savior.  May we face our trials, and rejoice in being deemed worthy to suffer, because of the great God we serve.


I had one of those apocalyptical dreams last night.  Mind you – it was a little Will Smith mixed in with imagination – but I did wake up reflecting on the trials that will one day face Christians.  I am not sure what I am as far as my end-time theology goes – but I know I am not pre-trib.  I anticipate great suffering for the church – when we do not accept a 666 on our forehead…. I do not anticipate it in my generation (no one knows the times or days – I may very well be wrong) – but as I listen to my children playing Lego – I know it may be in their time, or their children’s time.  And I pray to God for His great mercy for them then – that they will be strong for Him.  That nothing will separate them from the love of God in Christ.  That they might be God exalting, and that their love for their Savior might run Deep….. 


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  1. susan
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 15:26:37

    hey girl
    i just listed to a sermon about the end times, Israel, what is going on there now and in other areas of our world in the news and such. very interesting and VERY sobering.

    dave and i were discussing the time when Christians are refused food and other necessities because they do not take the mark. we were putting ourselves in that position (in our minds) and imagining the day that our families cannot have food-for the sake of Christ( if in our day), it is scary and overwhelming and yikes… i am glad that GOd is our saviour, that God is in control and that if we ask for Him to give us an eternal perspective, we will see the end more clearly than our immediate pain. Westerners just don’t know pain and suffering (sorry for the generalization, but you understand) .

    I just thought it was interesting that we were having similar thought-conversations at the same time!! 🙂 So much to learn. so much to read. so much to ask for wisdom in.

    Love you friend.


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