one of those days… weeks….

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness…  Isaiah 58:10

We had missionaries stay with us a few months back – and they were sharing with my family how this was their life verse.  Other versions of the Bible talk about extending your soul, or spending yourself for the hungry.  And I just think Wow.  How does one do that?  We are taught, as a society to fight burnout.  To enjoy some recharging time.  To take care of ourselves.   But this week has been a blessed week – where, maybe they are not the hungriest people in the physical sense, but so many in my life have needed someone…..

This week has been cluttered – I have two friends moving.  One today, one coming up on the weekend.  My best friend is in the hospital with her youngest daughter.  She was barely in the door from staying at the hospital with her eldest for 48 hours, and little Victoria needed to be admitted for phnemonia (sp?).  Someone else dear to me is going through an emotional rollercoaster – torn between the right thing, and the right thing; and which, really, is the right thing? 

It really, honestly has not taken much to be there for them.  I have never seen someone so excited to have a bathroom cleaned by someone else before (I did other things too Dearie! : )   I sat in the hospital, drinking Timmies with my best friend.  Also not a chore…. And as for the being on an emotional rollercoaster – I can only pray, and listen – but I know that, for you, that is enough…

It does not take much, does it?  Many hands make light work – why are we so reluctant?  Sometimes my need feels greater – I have not seen my hubby much this week – and he fell asleep earlier tonight than he has in months – and I miss him… I just wanted a few minutes to touch base!  But, that will be next week.  Because my Mom is watching my kids so we can do some Christmas shopping together.  Without children.  It goes around sometimes, doesn’t it?  It’s like pay it forward…  only you can not expect it. 

I struggle with keeping my mouth shut after.  I want to say “Did you see, did you see?”  But I try and think on a verse in that moment – Proverbs 27:2 “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.”  There is also the man who seeks human praise in the gospels, and the Lord says that the praise of men that he sought is his only reward….

I am not sharing my week to brag – but to rejoice.  God has provided me with numerous opportunities to encourage and meet a few needs of others.  I have been praying for these, and am amazed at how He answers prayers in abundance : )  I can be thrilled to know these same people would do the same for me – and can praise God for His provision…. 

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