I know that the concept of being a Mary in a Martha world is often touted. I have seen the books at the bookstore… but, as I have not read them, I figure I can go ahead, and share some of the observations I have.

My analogy cannot be carried through to completion, given the nature of the context, but I believe there is some merit to contemplating the worthiness of Christ, as Mary understood it.

She sat at His feet. Her sister was busy with much serving (Luke 10:38-42), and here she was, slacking off. In my humanness, I understand her sister’s frustration. The unfairness. Food does not cook itself. And certainly not when you are preparing meals for others. Martha was anxious about the preparation, and her sister chose to learn at the feet of Jesus.

How often do I choose the poor portion? How often do I stress about the details of life, when I could be sitting at my Lord’s feet? How much greater an opportunity do we have than Mary and Martha did! “I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you.” John 16:7 This is better? Better than sitting at Christ’s feet? Ah! I am sure I am not alone in wishing I could have been there… and yet, God, in the Spirit, indwells me, and I neglect this truth, and live so often as though it were not truth…. I neglect the beauty of God in me! We are not so amazed as we ought to be.
And, when it came to His final week before the crucifixion, she anointed His feet. With A YEAR’S WORTH of WAGES of perfume. Are we not apt to say with Judas, what a waste? Oh! May we have the faith to see the glory of God! May we, with Mary, understand His Supreme worth! May there be no price too high to pay that we can agree with Mary to wash His feet with our hair, our tears, and a year’s worth of wages in a one pound bottle is a great delight! May we serve Him, with our bodies, our heart’s cries, and our monies!
She knew His death was imminent, which is where my analogy falls short. Jesus said it was right for her to spend the money, as she had been intending to keep it for the day of Christ’s burial. (John 11:7) But, in the sinfulness of my heart, there is much of me that says, “is it ever worth it? What a lot of money for a Body!” But, God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him, and Martha was satisfied. Oh! For the faith to so delight in Him, that no perfume costs too much to show Him that He is my treasure! May I not put a price-tag to my faith. That I would say with Mary, no price is too high to prove of my love for You My God and My King!

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  1. Sue
    Oct 13, 2007 @ 19:42:00

    oh thank you for writing something and thus pushing those nasty banana’s lower on the page! hahaha. i’ve been waiting AGES for that to happen! hahahaha.

    lovely words dear.

    ones that i need to remember and ACT on.



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