Rainbows and presents

It was my son’s birthday yesterday. He turned five. And shortly before bedtime, out came a glorious rainbow. He was SO excited. And commented that rainbows are special from God. And, that this was God’s birthday present for him. My heart did a flip, and I rejoice at the simple faith of my child. Faith that the thunder stops for him when he prays. Faith to not even wake me up when he has a nightmare, but to tell me the next morning that he prayed when he woke up afraid, and fell back asleep feeling safer. Faith to not let me drop him off at school until we have prayed in the van; because he knows his day will be better because of it.

Oh! The faith of a child! It is no wonder the Lord says we must come to Him with child-like faith. I see God at work in the heart of my little boy, and wonder why I can not be so trusting.

A birthday present from God….. what a delightful thought!


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  1. Sue
    Sep 12, 2007 @ 12:05:00

    how glorious. 🙂

    what a great thing, to hear from your child that he is trusting in God….wonderful!


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