Of friendship and of wrestling

And Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled
with him until the breaking of the day… Jacob
said “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”
Genesis 32:24,26
I am going to tell on my best friend here. She, naturally, would not be my best friend if I did not think she had many, many fantastic qualities about her. But this is my favorite. Partly because I have never seen it before (have to love unique), but mostly because it is such an amazing, deep quality, that it just gets me EXCITED.
She wrestles with God. I tell no lies – I have witnessed it twice now in the last few months, and I have already learned when I see the tendencies coming on, it is time to be quiet, and just pray. And wait for her to call me.
Never mind the specifics – but there are times when I know, well, we are not fighting (Naturally we never do : ) but she does not want to talk. The first time, I wondered what I had done. It is that thing that happens, when someone who tells you everything has a secret. And of course you wonder “Is it me? Did I say something? Do something?” Only, grace upon grace, God spoke to her heart. And – she was not sure she heard it right. Oh, I am not talking about sins here, just that glorious re-working when she realises that the doctrine she grew up with in a particular area does not line up with Scripture.
So she wrestles. For a week. And, when she is done, God has blessed her. She has peace. And she is deeper in love with Him than before. The whole thing is awesome. It gave me goosebumps when I finally figured out what was going on.
The second time… she was Mad at my author. And she wrestled. And she does not allow spectators. I think it is fantastic. Beth Moore would have shouted “glory!” My best friend is too busy talking to God to talk to me. Could I ask for better in a friend?

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